Step 1: Purchase a membership

2023 Membership Cost – $250 per calendar year.
2023 FMFGA Memberships can be purchased Online or at The Canadian Tire Outdoor Store or Chow’s Varieties.

Step 2: Download your Unique 16 digit code

Your virtual membership will allow you to register for the secure app to enter the range using your smartphone.

Step 3: Download the App

The app is available at no charge, and is designed to operate with electronic access control systems equipped with Conekt Mobile-Ready Readers. Enter the code from your membership card to get started


  • Supports iPhone® and Android™-based mobile devices with BLE enabled
  • Easy, one-time registration without disclosure of private information
  • Protected behind a smartphone’s security parameters

Step 4. Verify your phone number

Screenshot_20211221-064756_Conekt (1)

Step 5. Enter in your unique code


Step 6: Scan your phone

Open the Conekt app and scan your phone to get access to the range. Its that easy! Once your app it setup, you don’t have to remember any credentials, just have your phone handy