Please Agree to the following rules before applying

  • Range Official’s commands are to be obeyed at all times. Range Official’s instructions and decisions are final.
  • All members and guests must wear ear and eye protection on all firearm ranges.
  • Front gate must be kept locked at all times.
  • Members must swipe in when arriving and swipe out when leaving.
  • Proof of membership must be carried at all times. Proof of membership must be presented upon request by a peace officer, range official, FMFGA Executive or any member in good standing.
  • Firearms are to be handled, loaded and fired in a safe and responsible manner at all times.
  • Firearms are only to be loaded at designated firing lines or shooting stations and only discharged downrange.
  • Only one loaded firearm is to be handled at a time. All other firearms must be unloaded and placed in racks or unloaded and cased.
  • Use only club provided steel or wooden target stands with paper or cardboard targets. Exploding targets, bottles, cans or other solid objects are not allowed.
  • Targets cannot be placed on the ground or on berms.
  • During ceasefire periods, all firearms are to be unloaded, locked open and placed in racks, cased or holstered, as is appropriate.
  • Handguns are permitted to be carried and drawn from a holster only on the outdoor handgun or indoor basement range areas.
  • Shooting hours on all outdoor range areas are from ½ hour before Sunrise to ½ hour after Sunset daily. Daylight hours only!
  • Alcohol and drugs are prohibited from all range areas.
  • Shooting while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.
  • Each range is only approved and designed for specific use. See allowed types below:
  • Archery Range: No firearms of any kind.
  • Rimfire Range: Rimfire firearms only.
  • Biathlon Range: Air rifles or .22 rimfire rifles only
  • Trap & Skeet Range: Shotguns with shot loads only. Pattern boards are located on the West side of the shotgun range.
  • Black Powder Walking Trail: Muzzle loaded firearms only
  • Centrefire Rifle Range: Firearms with single projectile only.
  • Handgun Range: Handguns only. (No shoulder fired firearms except in designated “3 Gun” bays)
  • Indoor Range: Archery, airguns, Handguns, and .22 Rimfire Rifles at designated times only (see website calendar). No ported guns. Maximum cartridge allowed for Handguns is .44 Rem. Mag.

The only exceptions allowed to the above are during a FMFGA Executive sanctioned meet or match, during which all firing is to be done under the direct control and supervision of a Range Officer. Contact FMFGA Executive for details.

FMFGA Guest Policy

Non-member guests are allowed only 2 visits as a guest, and they must be accompanied by a member host at all times (maximum of 2 guests per membership per visit). All guests and accompanying members must sign in at the Clubhouse when they arrive at the Range. No exceptions. Former members who have not renewed their memberships or dependents that turn 18, do not qualify as guests. The FMFGA member is totally responsible for the activities and conduct of the guests they bring. Safety violations, misdemeanor actions or mistreatment of others will not be tolerated and could result in disciplinary action up to and including loss of membership.

Violation of member or guest policies including but not limited to: not signing the Guest Sign-in Book, sharing of membership access devices, hosting a guest who has had more than 2 visits or hosting more than 2 guests (including children) at one time may result in the following disciplinary action:

First time offense: 90-day suspension of membership.
Second time offense: Forfeiture of membership and indefinite suspension pending a review of eligibility by the FMFGA Executive Board.